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New releases for May 2016

 "Maresia"    SLAMCD 331          BARCODE  5028386633020
George Haslam (Clarinet and Tarogato), Mario Rua (Drums) 

"Subjects and Structures"   SLAMCD 2102   BARCODE: 5028386636229

Six-In-One:  Bruce Coates sopranino, soprano saxes, Paul Dunmall tenor Sax, Corey Mwamba vibraphone and recorder, Walt Shaw percussion and electronics, Seth Bennett bass, Mark Sanders drums.


"Under a Different Sky"     SLAMCD 570     BARCODE  5028386635925

Leonid Vintskevich (piano), Steve Kershaw (bass), Nick Vintskevich(saxes).


"Duets of a Fool"    SLAMCD 571          BARCODE  5028386636021

Sebastiano Dessanay double bass with guests


"PEGASYS"       SLAMCD 572     BARCODE  5028386636120    DOUBLE CD,

Errico De Fabritiis (alto sax), Biagio Orlandi (soprano sax, tenor sax),

Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone), Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass), Cristiano De Fabritiis (drums).


New releases for January 2016

Derengé/Dawn  SLAMCD 565  Barcode:   5999883043172  Double CD. Compositions of György Szabados played by The Grencsó Open Collective. István Grencsó reeds, Máté Pozsár piano, Róbert Benkö bass, Szilveszter Miklós pcn. With Guests Szilárd Mezei, Ádám Meggtes, Ábel Fazekas and Gergö Kovás.

Stix and Stones  SLAMCD 567  Barcode:   5028386633833 Pianist David Haney in a series of duets with some of his favourite drummers: Bernard Purdie, Han Bennink, Giovanni Barcello, Marvin "Bugalu" Smith and Jimmy Bennington.

MORE STEPS  SLAMCD 568  Barcode:   5028386634720 Jorge Cabadas   Solo guitar

Fehér virág / White Flower  SLAMCD 569  Barcode:   5028386634829 Szilárd Mezei Flute & Strings Trio ~ Szilárd MEZEI – viola, kaval, Svetlana NOVAKOVIĆ – flute, Maja RADOVANLIJA – acoustic guitar

September 2015

"R & B"  SLAMCD 2100 Jaki Byard and Howard Riley amazing 1985 live recording, never before released.

 "OI DIALOGOI"  SLAMCD 555  I Giganti Della Montagna   Ferdinando D'Urso saxophone Lorenzo Paesani piano and Federico Sconosciuto cello.


"MAINTENANT    SLAMCD 566  Lucia Ianniello  Bb and C trumpet, flugelhorn, effects and objects; Diana Torti  voice; Giuseppe La Spina  guitars; Paolo Tombolesi  keyboards, acoustic bass and percussion


HOMAGE TO COLTRANE  SLAMCD 296   Barcode: 5028386632320

Paul Dunmall tenor saxophone, flute, saxello; Tony Bianco drums.


PRIMO  SLAMCD 564  Barcode: 5028386632924


By IMPROGRESSIVE ~ Alberto Popolla (clarinets) and Errico Defabritiis (saxophones)



The Spirit Farm    SLAMCD 299.    BARCODE  5028386630623 Adam Fairhall SUITE OF DREAMS     SLAMCD 330          BARCODE  5028386033028 The OxJaMS Trio

Tracce Di Canti – Traces Of Chants   SLAMCD 562 Barcode: 5028386630524 Triologos

Tasting Beauty SLAMCD 563 Barcode: 5028386630722 Giancarlo Mazzú, guitar; Luciano Troja, piano.



"Anomic Aphasia"      SLAMCD 559.    BARCODE   5028386628323

Han-earl Park Quartet: Han-earl Park: guitar,Catherine Sikora: tenor and soprano saxophones, Nick Didkovsky: guitar (tracks 1 & 5), Josh Sinton: baritone saxophone & bass clarinet (tracks 2, 3 & 4)


"Beginner's State Of Mind"    SLAMCD 561.    BARCODE  5028386628422

Paolo Porta Trio: Paolo Porta : tenor sax; Alessandro Maiorino: bass; Alessandro Minetto:  drums.

Porta is quite a star on tenor.



"Taschendrache" SLAMCD 298.    BARCODE   5028386029823

Irene Kepl violin and electronics; Mark Holub drums.


"Sides" SLAMCD 557.    BARCODE   5028386055723

Erika Dagnino Trio

Erika Dagnino poetry, voice; Ken Filiano double bass, effects; Satoshi Takeishi percussion.


"Vampyroteuthis Infernalis" SLAMCD 558.    BARCODE   5028386155829

Luiz Moretto Quintet

Luiz Moretto – violin & rabeca; Alípio C Neto – tenor & soprano saxophone, Brazilian bells, whistles; Francesco Lo Cascio – vibraphone, percussion; Gianfranco Tedeschi – double bass;

Marco Ariano – drums, percussion.


 "Waiting for Injection"   SLAMCD 560.  BARCODE 5028386056027

ClockWork Groove

Alessia Serina Pinto: Soprano and Tenor Sax; Ferdinando D’Urso: Alto and Baritone Sax, Piano; Marco Pometti: Guitars; Davide Giovanni Pometti: Double Bass and Electric Bass;

Luigi Perticone: Drums.



"Juggernaut" SLAMCD 554. BARCODE  5028386055426 The Duo Indů - Claudio Vignali (piano & keyboards) and Andrea Grillini (drums and percussions), with Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet.

"Bija" SLAMCD 556.    BARCODE  5028386055624 Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion), Gabriele Di Franco (guitar and loops) and Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn) plus guests Emanuele Coluccia (saxophone) and Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice).

"Chamaeleon" NA-CD-008 Barcode 616892159247 (SLAMCD 544) Paul Dunmall, guests with the US quartet Herb Robertson trumpet; Edward Ricart guitar; Jason Ajemian bass; Andrew Barker drums.


"Cherry Pickin" SLAMCD 294. BARCODE 5028386029427 Jim Dvorak trumpet, voice; Paul Dunmall tenor sax, saxello; Chris Mapp bass; Mark Sanders Drums.

"Nick Of Time" SLAMCD 295. BARCODE 5028386029526 Fletcher/Brice/Jozwiak Mike Fletcher - Alto Sax/Flute, Olie Brice - Bass, Tymoteusz Jozwiak - Drums

"SEVEN STOPS TO HEAVEN" SLAMCD 297  BARCODE 5028386029724 Robin Jones' LATIN UNDERGROUND. Robin Jones percussion, Gavin Broom trumpet, Nick Walker saxophone, Chris Kibble piano, Jonny Gee bass, Marc Cecil percussion.

"DADA DANDY" SLAMCD 553. BARCODE 5028386055327  A Favola da Medusa Miguel Martins various instruments, Filipe Homem Fonseca guitar,  Ana Dias harp plus guests George Haslam, Sonia Montenegro, Bernardo Nascimento and Rebecca Gradissimo.



"TO BE CONTINUED" SLAMCD 293. BARCODE 5028386055228 Howard Riley, solo piano.


"SPEAK RANDOM" SLAMCD 551. BARCODE 502838605512 OMIT FIVE: Mattia Dalla Pozza alto sax; Filippo Vignato trombone; Joseph Circelli guitar; Rosa Brunello double bass; Simone Sferruzza drums.

"OVERHEARD CONVERSATIONS" SLAMCD 552. BARCODE 5028386 055228 Glen Hall, soprano & tenor saxes, flute and bass flute; Bernie Koenig, drums and vibraphone.

NEW RELEASES JANUARY 2014 "L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" SLAMCD 548 By the Italian trio I Giganti Della Montagna.

"Karszt" SLAMCD 550 2 CD set. Szilard Mezei International Improvisers Ensemble

November 2013 - re-issue. "FOLLOW THAT" SLAMCD 240 by Esmond Selwyn Quartet is now available again.

NEW RELEASES SEPTEMBER 2013 "Words Unspoken"  SLAMCD 329 A collection of favourite jazz ballads by George Haslam and guests.

"SIGNS"   SLAMCD 356 Erika Dagnino Quartet with Ras Moshe, Ken Filiano and John Pietaro. 

DIGITAL RELEASE ONLY: "The Middle Half" SLAMDA 287 is an album on digital release only, all SLAM CDs are available by digital download from all digital stores;this new CD will be our first aimed specifically at digital sales. It is not available through our distributors, a limited number of hard copies are available direct from SLAM; these are professionally 'burned' copies, not pressed CDs.

The CD is called "The Middle Half" by The Esmond Selwyn Hammond Organ Trio, comprising Esmond Selwyn  Guitar, John-Paul Gard  Hammond Organ and Robin Jones  Drums. The music is a collection of 8 extremely swinging standards, Sandu, On Green Dolphin Street, Darn That Dream, Mr PC, Yardbird Suite, Sunny, Taking A Chance On Love and I Hear A Rhapsody.



BARCODE 5028386029724


Robin Jones percussion, Gavin Broom trumpet, Nick Walker saxophone, Chris Kibble piano, Jonny Gee bass, Marc Cecil percussion.

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