Albany Park
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Jimmy Bennington, Drums; Steve Cohn, Piano, Vocals, Shakuhachi. 

Recorded in Chicago, as part of the colour and sound house concert series, Albany Park is a follow up to Jimmy Bennington’s earlier release 'No Lunch in Hackensack' (Unseen Rain Records) with New Jersey based piano veteran Steve Cohn.

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jimmy bennington / steve cohn                                                                       

albany park



1. nepalese suite (cohn / bennington)       17:32


2. blue in green (davis)        7:22


3. cut down (cohn) **            8:15


4. quiet now (zietlin)      5:17


5. a time when i can get back to you * (cohn)      9:15



recorded: april 27, 2013 as part of the colour and sound house concert series, chicago.


mastered at: george belle studios, june 13, 2017, chicago.




jimmy bennington- drums, arr.


steve cohn- piano, vocals, *shakuhachi


**a note about track #4:

'Cut Down' was written in the 90's for a large Dance Company in Japan. The theme was "Kaze" which means wind.  But because of my involvement as the commissioned composer and my work on shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute),"Bamboo" also became a theme. Maybe it was the wind blowing through the bamboo Groves. This melody was reflective of the destruction of these Groves for deforestation. To bring forward the feeling of loss and the need to protect. (SC) 



This Recording is Dedicated to Karina, with Special Thanks to our Hosts Chad and Celia Bergman

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