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Howard has been a regular and productive recording artist on SLAM since the very early days of 1990. In fact his discography includes 16 SLAM CDs.

In his solo recordings he has always shown a preference for the short tracks, which he has on occasion referred to as his ‘Short Stories’. This, his latest studio session, is very much of that character with 17 tracks of around 3 and 4 minutes – plus, as is not uncommon, the inclusion of a jazz standard, in this case a couple of takes on ‘April in Paris’


"Listening to the music on this CD is to hear, in an almost Dickensian flow of characterisation, much of the history not just of jazz but of 20th century music, plus some Romanticism, plus some Baroque, flowing past. Riley in his pomp is also a music historian…. Precious moments"       Brian Morton.

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Album title   LISTEN TO HEAR.
Catalogue Number  SLAMCD 2106 
Howard Riley solo piano. Recorded 12 September 2017 at Porcupine Studios, London, by Nick Taylor. Artwork by Andy Isham. Sleeve notes by Brian Morton. Photos by Ray Buckland. Transportation Norman Bayldon. All compositions by Howard Riley except tracks 18 & 19 by Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg.
Tracks: 1 Rush    3:57 2 Deeper Still   3:12 3 Caring    3:01 4 Three To Four   3:41 5 Eyes Wide Open  4:39 6 Eyes Wide Open - Take 2 2:45 7 Equation   2:45 8 Equation - Take 2  3:22 9 Still Returning   2:37 10 Movement   4:04 11 Extinguished   4:49 12 Major To Minor  2:43 13 Passing   2:52 14 Listen To Hear  3:20 15 You Said   3:14 16 Fluency   2:13 17 Think Aloud   1:41 18 April In Paris   4:42 19 April In Paris – Take 2 4:41

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