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Pianist David Haney in a series of duets with some of his favourite drummers: Bernard Purdie, Han Bennink, Giovanni Barcello, Marvin "Bugalu" Smith and Jimmy Bennington. One of the most inventive pianists in USA, David Haney probes the potentials and the challenges of the piano/drums duo.

"Stix and Stones represents a collection of duets from the past 10 years featuring a few of the drummers that I really love to work with.  I'm always fascinated at the range of style and technique that drummers display. Playing the drums is not about holding down the beat, and it's a huge pleasure to work with a variety of styles.  When I work in duet with drummers I get so many ideas in terms of rhythm, dynamics, etc and that propels me to play harder and play more like a drummer than a pianist."      David Haney



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CD Title: Stix and Stones

David Haney, piano all tracks, with Bernard Purdie, drums                          tracks 1, 5, 8. Jimmy Bennington drums                     track 2 Han Bennink, drums                             track 10 Giovanni Barcella, drums                     tracks 3, 6, 9. Marvin "Bugalu" Smith, drums              tracks 4,  7.  

Track details and running order: 1 Angel Foot 5:33 (Haney, Purdie) 2 Pretty Prancing Woman 3:47 (Nichols) 3 Dophy’s Hat 5:07 (Haney)  4 Ticking Time Bomb 8:52 (Haney, Smith)  5 Six Four Four Four 6:04 (Haney, Purdie) 6 Opposites with Barcella 5:06 (Haney, Barcella) 7 Octavios with Bulagus 4:34 (Haney)  8 Improvisation on a Theme by Tomas Svoboda 8:29 (Svoboda, Haney,) 9 Quantum Galopy 7:02 (Haney, Barcella) 10 House Party Starting 5:30 (Nichols)    Recording details: Date and place of recording. November 21, 2014 - Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY April 9, 2013 - Rezistanza, Gent, Belgium February 17, 2009 - Magic Closet, Portland, OR June 29, 2003 - X-centric Studios, Vancouver, Canada   Mixed and Mastered at Falcon Studios, Portland, OR   Name of sound engineer(s) for recording and mastering. Dennis Carter

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