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PRIMO  SLAMCD 564  Barcode: 5028386632924




Improgressive consists of Alberto Popolla (clarinets) and Errico Defabritiis (saxophones) a longstanding Italian reeds duo whose work is deliberately inspired by the work of a bunch of British Rock musicians and composers known as the core of the 70's Canterbury music scene. Their first disc is the result of a massive arrangement work of some of the most peculiar compositions by progressive heroes such as Hugh Hopper, Daevid Allen, Kevin Ayers, Phil Milller and Robert Wyatt plus a couple of "extra" numbers chosen from the early King Crimson repertoire. 
Popolla's imaginative arrangements tend to explore new relationships between melodies, harmonies and rhythms derived from songs and musics originally conceived for Rock bands like Soft Machine, Hatfield and the North, Caravan and Mathing Mole. An incredibly varied, complex body of music, intelligently adapted to a new, essential sound format where Errico Defabritiis appears as the perfect counterpoint within a passionate and tight instrumental dialogue. Improgressive bears a newly rediscovered poetic world capable of leaving an unmistakable mark on those fortunate to hear it  


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Catalogue number SLAMCD 564

Leader or group name IMPROGRESSIVE

Names of musicians and the instruments they play.

ERRICO DE FABRITIIS; alto and soprano sax
ALBERTO POPOLLA; clarinet, alto and bass clarinet
Track details:

1 The Illusion  3:57 (P. Sinfield, R. Fripp, I. MacDonald, G. Lake, M. Giles – arr. E. De Fabritiis)
2 Caravan Medley 5:23 ( A. Popolla. Including fragments of Golf Girl, Disassociation, 100% Proof, Can’t be long now – R. Coughlan, P. Hastings, D. Sinclair, R. Sinclair)
3 You Can’t Kill Me 4:26 (D. Allen – arr. A. Popolla)
4 Dedicated To You But You Weren’t Listening 3:30 (H. Hopper – arr. A. Popolla)
5 Dice 1:18 (A. Popolla)
6 Sixa 35 2:45 (E. De Fabritiis)
7 Calyx 2:38 (P. Miller – arr. A. Popolla)
8 Radio Gnome Invisible 2:40 (D. Allen – arr. A. Popolla)
9 The Lady Rachel 2:30 (K. Ayers – arr. A. Popolla)
10 Pictures Of A City 3:35 (P. Sinfield, R. Fripp – arr. E. De Fabritiis)
11 O Caroline 3:41 (D. Sinclair, R. Wyatt – arr. A. Popolla. Live version)
12 Soft Machine Medley 5:45 (A. Popolla. Including fragments of Orange skin food, A door opens  and closes, Pig –    M. Ratledge. Live version)

Recorded on May 29, 2013 by Clive Simpson
at Extrabeat Recording Studio, Rome. Italy
Mixed by Clive Simpson

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