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The Sanskrit term ‘bija’ means seed – the origin or cause of things. The Italian trio "bija" take their beginning with a vibration, a sound from which their music grows, developing surprising soundscapes. Salento, the region of Italy where the trio originated, is the south east tip of the country, surrounded by the Adriatic, absorbing many influences from neighbouring cultures.

In addition to the bija trio of Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion), Gabriele Di Franco (guitar and loops) and Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn), this 2013 studio recording also features special guests Emanuele Coluccia (saxophone) and Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice).


In January 2012 Bija composed and recorded soundtrack for the film "The Guardian Distracted", directed by Marcello Ciullo. In May of the same year they won the critics' prize at the "B-Live Contest", Lecce and in summer performed in final of the international contest "Jimmy Wood Award '12" (La Spezia).  Their song "0" won the first prize at the "Soundslices '12."  And in August 2012 Bija won the first "Band Revelation of the Year" at Jazzup Festival, directed by Greg Burk.


Meet Bija:

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CD Title: Bija

Leader or group name: Gabriele Di Franco

Names of musicians and the instruments they play:

-Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion)

-Gabriele Di Franco ( guitar and loops)

-Marco Puzzello ( trumpet and flugelhorn)


Special guests:

-        Emanuele Coluccia -sax- (on Apnea and Gonna)

-        Stefano Luigi Mangia -voice- (on A/R)



Track details:


Running order:

1- Cipolla             (5:00)          comp   Marco Puzzello, Gabriele Di Franco, Francesco Pellizzari

2- A/R                  (3:05)                      Gabriele Di Franco

3- Ampolla           (7:21)                      Francecso Pellizzari

4- Donna Oriente (4:55)                      Marco Puzzello

5- Gonna              (6:57)                      Marco Puzzello

6- Calendula         (4:32)                     Francecso Pellizzari

7- Apnea               (7:31)                     Marco Puzzello

8- Dubby              (3:01)                     Marco Puzzello, Gabriele Di Franco, Francesco Pellizzari

9- Inferenze          (3:55)                     Gabriele di Franco


Track lengths TOT.  44:57 min.



Recording details:

Recorded at "Sudestudio", Guagnano (Le) Italy, October  7- 8- 9, 2013.

Mixed and mastered by Valerio Daniele at "Chora Studi Musicali), Monteroni (Le), IT.

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