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The Duo Indù, based in Bologna, was formed in 2012 by Claudio Vignali (piano & keyboards) and Andrea Grillini (drums and percussions), later adding a further dimension through Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet. In this 2013 studio session the duo is joined by Succi on 3 of the 9 tracks


Except for the Tim Berne composition, the CD is a collection of originals by Vignali and Grillini reflecting their classical and avant-garde influences on the jazz they play.


"Genres, currents and different studies mix together creating an innovative synthesis, which is almost surreal: classic music, avantgarde and jazz music all blend in their original compositions, tying harmony and experimentation, old atmospheres, modern and contemporary ones in an absolutely new manner."

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Cd Title: "Juggernaut"

Catalogue number SLAMCD 554


Group Name: Indù

Musicians: Claudio Vignali (piano, keyboards and synthesizer), Andrea Grillini (drums and effects), guest on tracks 3,6,8 Achille Succi (sax and bass clarinet)




1. Blastmaniac                                                2.54                             (A.Grillini)

2. Van Gundy’s Retreat                                  2.34                             (T. Berne)

3. Les Pommes           Alcoolique                   2.04                             (C.Vignali)

4. Rabrofiev’s View                                         5.24                             (C.Vignali)

5. Pentesilea                                                   2.07                             (C.Vignali, A.Grillini)

6. Phenomenal Generation                             3.32                             (C.Vignali, A.Grillini)

7. Icarus                                                          4.16                             (A. Grillini)

8. Eyeliner                                                       7.04                             (C.Vignali)

9. A.N.S                                                          5.04                             (C.Vignali)



All the pieces are arranged by Claudio Vignali and Andrea Grillini.



Recorded @ "The StudiOZ" by Andrea Grillini, Ozzangeles (Italy)

January 2013

Mixed by Andrea Caprara

Mastered by Alessandro Maffei

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