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 ‘Chamaeleon’ SLAMCD 544  Barcode 616892159247 is the second CD by Ed Ricart’s quartet – following Ancón on SLAMCD 529 - "An excellent debut album from a colossal quartet!"  Downtown Music Gallery. A joint production by SLAM and the US label New Atlantis (NA-CD-008) , the album has further cross Atlantic identity in the presence of British guest Paul Dunmall on tenor sax. The quintet line up is completed by Herb Robertson trumpet, Edward Ricart guitar, Jason Ajemian bass and Andrew Barker drums.

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Catalogue number  SLAMCD 544

CD Title:    Chamaeleon

Leader or group name:       Edward Ricart Quintet

Names of musicians and the instruments they play.


Paul Dunmall: Tenor Saxophone

Herb Robertson: Trumpet, Little Instruments

Edward Ricart: Guitar

Jason Ajemian: Bass

Andrew Barker: Drums


Track details:

Running order/Track Lengths


1) Forager  (22:14)

2) Real Orbital (3:56)

3) Excavator (9:38)

4) Blind Source (3:13)

5) Elliptic Operators (19:06)

6) Beelining (9:18)



Composers: All music spontaneously composed by the musicians.


Date and place of recording. 

Recorded June 10th, 2012 @ Seizures Palace, Brooklyn, NY by Jason LaFarge

Mixed July 30, 2012 @ Seizures Palace, Brooklyn, NY by Jason LaFarge


Mastered by Myles Boisen @ Headless Buddha Mastering Lab

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