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OMIT FIVE: Mattia Dalla Pozza alto sax; Filippo Vignato trombone; Joseph Circelli guitar; Rosa Brunello double bass; Simone Sferruzza drums.

‘Omit Five' is a young Italian contemporary jazz quintet. "The 13 pieces set-list of the new album is entirely based on wide-ranging original tunes, compositions where the group tries to combine detailed composition and free improvisation, linking the post-bop tradition with a contemporary sound that tries to serve as a mirror of our age."

Omit Five's music therefore presents itself as a colourful kaleidoscope of timbres, melodies, harmonies and free improvisations, selected every time on the basis of each composer's taste and sensitivity, but always referable to one original sound, underlining the deep work they did together as a band while constantly touring around Europe.

"Speak Random" is the quintet's second CD following the eponymous "Omit Five" released 2012 on the Venetian label ‘Caligola Records'.

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OMIT FIVE Mattia Dalla Pozza, Alto sax Filippo Vignato, Trombone Joseph Circelli, Guitar Rosa Brunello, Doublebass Simone Sferruzza, Drums

Track details:

1. Vain (Joseph Circelli) 08:26

2. Family (Filippo Vignato) 07.53

3. Dreaming the van (Filippo Vignato, Simone Sferruzza) 01:52

4. Pomeriggi ameni (Joseph Circelli) 08:12

5. Berlin june walk (Rosa Brunello, Filippo Vignato) 01:18

6. I wanna feel nasty (Filippo Vignato) 07:42

7. Uyusukluk (Rosa Brunello) 01:21

8. Three views of a dream (Rosa Brunello) 04:06

9. Tony wolf (Filippo Vignato) 00:16

10. Anni Luce (Joseph Circelli) 08:42

11. Fussmatten (Joseph Circelli, Simone Sferruzza) 00:41

12. Vetur (Joseph Circelli) 05:41

13. Pina Baush (Rosa Brunello) 09:37

Recorded on May, 1st-2nd 2013 at Barchessa Bolivar Recording Studio, Rubiera (RE) - Italy by Marco Montanari and Claudio Morselli.

Mixed at P1 Studio, Berlin - Germany by Marco Birkner

Mastered at Artesuono Studio, Cavalicco (UD) - Italy by Stefano Amerio

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