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The CD presents a collection of recordings by ‘Primitive Arkestra' from 2008 and 2013 in quartet to 12 piece, all directed by pianist/conductor David Haney.

David writes: "This live CD is a collection of improvised works for large ensemble. The musical groups vary on most selections, offering a snapshot in time of the life of Primitive Arkestra. Julian Priester, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Adam Lane, Frank Clayton are but a few of the amazing artists included. A few of the pieces were conducted by me, others I directed from the piano. The themes are simple and secondary to the forms. In setting up the pieces there were no rehearsals, and the instructions were intentionally kept to a minimum. This album is dedicated to the many members who contributed so much. Special thanks in memory of the late Roy Campbell. The Arkestra was blessed with his presence and performances at the I-Beam in Brooklyn, NY for the 2013 Cadence Fest. Thanks Roy!"


The collective personnel is: David Haney piano, conductor, Julian Priester trombone, Steve Swell trombone, Marc Smason trombone, shofar, digerydoo, Frank Clayton bass, Oleg Ruvinov tuba, Nadya Kadrevis drums, Rosalyn DeRoos clarinet, Doug Haning contra alto clarinet, Michael Wimberly drums, Matt Cercily mandolin, Dan Blunck tenor sax, flute, Roy, Campbell flute, trumpet, Juan Pablo Carletti drums, Adam Lane bass, Blaise Siwula sax, David Bindman sax, Avram Ferver sax, David Arner piano, Liam Sillery Trumpet, Bob Reina Piano Chris Jones Bass, Mark Flynn Drums, Jack DeSalvo cello, Matt Lavelle trumpet, Nora McCarthy voice, John Murchison bass, Stan Nishimura trombone, Diana Wayburn flute, Frankie Wilson tenor sax, Constance Cooper piano.

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Detail Track details: Rutless Opening (Haney) 1:56 Leopard's Boulevard (Haney) 3:14 L. T. Ruckus (Haney) 2:58 Freedom Thirty-five (Haney) 5:45 Conflagration (Haney) 4:08 Kicking the Tin Can Alley (Haney) 8:40 Sir Drips a Lot (Haney) 2:43 Desolate Row (Haney) 5:43 Dolphy's Hat (Haney) 15:26 Nina Rota Letter to Fellini (Haney) 9:34 Remembering Uncle Two Brains (Haney)11:18 Date and place of recording. The Royal Room, Seattle, WA February 17, 2012 Jackstraw Studios, Live recording for Sonarchy Radio, KEXP

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