L'Arsenale delle apparizioni
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I Giganti Della Montagna

‘I Giganti Della Montagna' is a trio founded in 2012 by Sicilian saxophonist and composer Ferdinando D'Urso with pianist Lorenzo Paesani and cellist Federico Sconosciuto. "L'Arsenale delle apparizioni" is their first album, recorded at the end of January 2013 and now released by SLAM Productions. The music played by this trio blends elements from western art music, from improvised music, jazz and Sicilian folk music. The goal is to achieve that perfect mix that could be called - in Gunther Schuller words - Third Stream. The name of the trio – ‘I Giganti Della Montagna' (The Giants of the Mountain) - and the title of the CD - "L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni" - refer to the last work of Sicilian playwright Luigi Pirandello. He reveals here the difficulty that the contemporary art encounters in public reception. ‘L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni' is a place in this work where dreams and reality mingle in a summary, a place where negative is exorcised; so "L'Arsenale delle Apparizioni" wants to be a place where everyone will recognize himself and his history overlapped, confused and at the same time that coincides with what ‘I Giganti Della Montagna' narrates in notes. All the compositions are by Ferdinando D'Urso except for Due frasi, written by Andjela Bizimoska and arranged by Ferdinando D'Urso.

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CD Title: L'Arsenale delle apparizioni

Leader or group name: I giganti della montagna

Names of musicians and the instruments they play: Ferdinando D'Urso, alto sax; Lorenzo Paesani, piano; Federico Sconosciuto, cello. Guest Antonio Moncada, drum on Al Qantar.

Track details:

1) Al Qantar - 06:19 F. D'Urso

2) Al gran sole (carico d'amore?) - 03:10 F. D'Urso

3) VN - 05:58 F. D'Urso

4) Due frasi - 09:28 Andjela Bizimoska, arranged by F. D'Urso

5) Rest - 09:16 F. D'Urso

6) Mamu - 06:58 F. D'Urso

7) Concerto sacro - 10:21 F. D'Urso

8) Ginestra - 03:38 F. D'Urso

9) Estratto da "Whisteling" - 05:29 F. D'Urso

Recording details:

 Recorded on January 27 and 28 2013 at Sonoria Recording Studio, Scordia (Catania, Sicily). Mixed and mastered on March 11, 2013.

recorded and mastered by Vincenzo Cavalli

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