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By "FREE-DOT", being the duo of Antonio Cotardo – flutes, voice, bells, piano and
Paolo Pacciolla - drums, berimbao, mbira, voice, Jew's harp, household percussion, piano.

Free-Dot project is a space in which musical and cultural boundaries are broken, and opportunities of artistic dialogue are wide open. It aims at exploring sound and its resonating relationship with silence, creating sonic landscapes and tone colours sparked by the meeting of musical instruments of diverse cultural background. Improvisation is at the centre of Free-Dot's projects.

Just Flux!, which follows Ariband (SLAMCD 525)- the first recording of the duo released in 2010, is a project of improvised music based on a set of musical instruments and musical objects. No scores, words or any other suggestion was definied before playing. Just flux!

Antonio Cotardo: flautist and tutor, graduated at the Conservatorio di musica ‘Tito Schipa' of Lecce and the Accademia Musicale Umbra. In 1997 started studying jazz harmonics and improvisation techniques with the falutist Nicola Stilo.
From 2000 he worked with the group Ghetonia, at festivals in Italy and abroad: Turin, New York, Boston, Frankfurt, Brighton, London and Greece. With the group he recorded the CD's " Krifi", " Terra e Sale" e "Riza". In 2005 he founds Photinx Quartet for which he writes and arranges music. In march 2006 the Quartet recorded the CD Photinx and played at " La Fondation Danoise" and "L'association la Mezzanine" in Paris.

Paolo Pacciolla: pianist, percussionist and ethnomusicologist. Teaches ‘Ethnomusicology' at the Corso di Musiche Extraeuropee of the Conservatorio di Musica of Vicenza.
Since 1995, soon after his degree in Pedagogy and diploma of Pianoforte, he spends long periods in India to study the classical Indian music and, in 1996, he received a scholarship of the I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) to study further in New Delhi. He specializes in the pakhawaj, drum of the classical music of north India, under the great Guru Ram Kishore Das.
Pacciolla is now himself an internationally acclaimed master of Indian and Persian drumming.

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Details Reviews

Cd Title: JUST FLUX!

Group name: FREE-DOT

Antonio Cotardo – c flute, alto flute, bass flute, greec flute, bamboo flute, voice, bells, rattles, piano

Paolo Pacciolla - drums, berimbao, mbira, voice, Jew's harp, stones, pan lid, saucepan lids bells, rattles, piano

Track details:

1. 4.59 ride cymbal, drums, stones, greek flute, c flute, piano, rattles, bells,

2. 5.35 bodhran, voice, bells, c flute, piano, rattles, bells

3. 9.28 Jew's harp, berimbao, alto flute, bells, bass flute, piano, rattles, bells

4. 8.10 piano, stones, saucepan lids,drums, piccolo, voce, alto flute, bamboo flute, piano, rattles, bells

5. 5.29 pan lid, bamboo flute, c flute, piano, rattles, bells,

6. 5.54 stones, saucepan lids, drums, flute headjoint, alto flute, piano, rattles, bells,

7. 5.39 mbira, voice, flute headjoint, alto flute, piano, rattles, bells

8. 4.04 ride cymbal, drums, piano, rattles, bells

TOTAL 47.58

All compositions by Pacciolla and Cotardo.

Recording details:

Recorded the 8th of September 2011 at the base of the cultural association Sutra Arti Performative.

Recorded and mixed by P. Pacciolla and A.Cotardo.

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