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On this, his second SLAM CD, Meloni leads an Anglo-Italian Quartet with his fellow countryman Dessanay on bass and UK improvising musicians Dunmall and Sanders.

Meloni describes his approach to his music:

"My music is completely improvised; I only composed a few themes for the CD "Dialogues". I am not interested in any kind of meaning apart from that which can be derived from musical expression. I try to uncover what music can express in itself, as well as the emotions we could convey with atonal free improvisations.

I often decide which forms, sounds, timbres, or registers I am going to explore ahead of time. My purpose is to make atonal improvisation a compositional language, which means strict rules and attention to form. At the same time, I seek to preserve the inherent joy in the musical discovery that comes with instantaneous composition".

The album was recorded in the studios of Birmingham Conservatoire, England, in July 2011.

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Track details:

  1. Four Phases (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 4'24
  2. Nocturne (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 4'24
  3. Movements No. 1 (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 5'47
  4. First Landscape (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 4'26
  5. Trio (Meloni-Dessanay-Sanders) 3'11
  6. Movements No. 2 (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 4'11
  7. Sketches for Two - No.1 (Dunmall-Dessanay) 3'34
  8. Sketches for Two - No.2 (Meloni-Dessanay) 3'45
  9. Sketches for Two - No.3 (Meloni-Sanders) 5'05
  10. Sketches for Two - No.4 (Meloni-Dessanay) 3'19
  11. Second Landscape (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 5'58
  12. Movements No. 3 (Meloni-Dunmall-Dessanay-Sanders) 6'44

Recorded at Studio 1, Birmingham Conservatoire, on July 15-19, 2011, Birmingham (UK)

Sound engineer, mix and mastering: Matt O'Malley
Assistant engineer and edit: Emma Chilton

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