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Admir Shkurtaj - Fisarmonica(accordeon), Pianoforte
Giorgio Distante - Tromba
Redi Hasa - Violoncello

The starting points for Shkurtaj's music are not themes or melodies but what he refers to as "musical mechanisms" or extra-musical ideas;
frameworks to build themes on – musical series, rhythmical series, series of sounds or sonic gestures.

The trio's improvisation guided or "forced" by these frames unleashes surprising freedom.
Elements of traditional music,from the Albanian tradition, burst here and there more in a distant memory than a living reality.

Albanian musicians Shkurtaj and Hasa crossed the Adriatic to join Distante in his home province of Lecce in that part of Italy called Apulia.

Admir Shkurtaj,accordionist and pianist. Musician of Albanian origin.
Trained in contemporary, classical, electronic, improvisation, and traditional Balkan music.
He completed his musical studies in Tirana (Albania) - Lecce -  Milan.

He livesin the experiencesof various types of music and  combines them where possible,
attracted by the sounds of the surrounding soundscape.

Giorgio Distante,Trumpet. Apulian musician. Trained in classical, jazz, improvised and
electronic/electroacoustic music and studied between Bari, United States, Perugia and Rome.
He sees the trumpet as an instrument of many timbral possibilities,both as a melodic instrument.

Redi Hasa, Cello. Albanian musician who lives in Puglia and Salento naturalized.

Trained in classical, traditional music and improvisation, completing his musical studies inTirana (Albania) and Lecce.
He easily combines traditional and contemporary language.

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Leader; Admir Shkurtaj

Admir Shkurtaj - Fisarmonica (accordeon), Pianoforte
Giorgio Distante - Tromba
Redi Hasa - Violoncello

Track details:
1 INTRODUZIONE A. Shkurtaj 01:18
2 DISEGNI A. Shkurtaj 02:59
3 VICTORIA A. Shkurtaj 05:24
4 DUETTO A. Shkurtaj 01:37
5 GESTURES and ZOOM A. Shkurtaj 07:53
6 DANZA A. Shkurtaj 01:18
7 OLMI A. Shkurtaj 06:49
8 SHI A. Shkurtaj 04:23
9 IMPRONTRIO A. Shkurtaj 05:52
10 CONDUCTION A. Shkurtaj 09:07

Date and place of recording.

07- 08 - 09 March 2011
Masseria Santa Lucia- Alessano
Lecce - Italia

Name of sound engineer of recording and mastering.
Valerio Daniele

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