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"Stagioni"   Rêverie Duo is an acoustic duo - Valerio Daniele acoustic guitar and Redi Hasa cello – whose art is largely drawn from natural and ‘atavistic' influences. The recordings on "Stagioni" were made in the atmospheric environment of a fifteenth century chapel; listening to the music it is not difficult to share the mood of such a venue.

Both musicians consciously seek to create music in what they refer to as "a non-definable zone between genres". They go on to say "The music tends to be resonant and reverberating, independent from any genre polarization. It moves in a vacant territory, which the Duo tries to flll with spirals, cycles and imaginary memories. The harmonies lead to the dream and to irrational perception by blurring the real images to make them natural."

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1. la barchetta di carta 03:29 (V. Daniele)

2. il ritorno 09:20 (V. Daniele)

3. rêverie 04:37 (V. Daniele)

4. stagioni 04:14 (V. Daniele)

5. baci e ferraglia 05:32 (V. Daniele)

6. dodici voci 05:15 (R. Hasa)

7. il valzer dell'arancio 03:12 (R. Hasa)

8. frymemarrje 03:46 (R. Hasa)

9. il resto delle cose 03:43 (V. Daniele)


Recorded 8 and 9 February 2010 in Masseria S. Lucia's ancient chapel, Alessano (LE), Italy.

Mixed and mastered at Chora Studi Musicali, Monteroni Di Lecce (LE)

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