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An album that proves that spontaneous composition can be both melodic and groovy. Recorded live in the studio in one take, with no overdubs, 21st Century V-Bop covers a vast landscape both sonically and stylistically.From the raging opener of 'The Path of Non-evitability' to the drum sans bass of 'The Front', to the more pensive Mclaughlin dedication 'John's Intelligent Ears', the music covers all bases and moods through to the final fade out of the Big Note.

Tony Hymas will be best known for his work with Jeff Beck ( There and Back, Guitar Shop), Stanley Clarke, Jack Bruce and to a younger audience for his collaborations with Ursus Minor. Paul Dunmall is best known as a free improviser who has worked with many of the top improvisors worldwide,including Henry Grimes,Andrew Cyrille,keith Tippett etc.. Apart from his work with Dunmall, Gibbs here provides fresh approaches to both rock and jazz guitar styles, with nods to Mclaughlin's technique and Hendrix's walls of sound, whilst drummer Anderson provides strength and groove alternately, with reference to the mighty cohort of fusion drummers past and the march of modern groove-based music into the future. If you thought all improvised music is necessarily directionless atonal and a-rhythmic, a re-evaluation could start with this CD.


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21st Century V-Bop

Mark Anderson - drums Paul Dunmall - tenor & soprano sax Philip Gibbs - guitar Tony Hymas - keyboard.

TRACKS: 1. the path of nonevitability 7.18 2. the front 8.59 3. john's intelligent ears 11.34 4. once more into no-thing 5.21 5. mad dash for the exit 9.22 6. preyer 10.13 7. a knight on the tiles 12.49

spontaneous compositions by anderson/dunmall/gibbs/hymas recorded live in one take at bristol university studio 18/8/09 by jonathan scott. edited, mixed and mastered by yoyo at andersonshelta bristol. produced by mark anderson. paintings: paul dunmall. photo: jonathan scott. design : andy isham

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