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The new CD by Italian violinist and multi-instrumentalist Stefano Pastor, showcasing Pastor involved in a thrilling confrontation with the amazing cello-player (also a real master in playing Indian instruments) Kash Killion. A disc suspended between avant-gard expression, some Monkian classics and deep Indian nuances. An extraordinary mix of tastes made coherent by the strict belonging of both musicians to the Afro-American improvisation tradition.

Erika Dagnino wrote inside her liner notes:"Pastor and Killion convene in a common stylistic home with Epistrophy and Ruby My Dear, finding a common ground within the realm of one composer. Ambience itself compounds fusion while, at the same time, giving back and pointing out the individuality of each voice. Affinity within fusion inside an established individuality: not only in the Monkian sphere, but also in the two other zones of this work: the exotic one, rich in Indian suggestions – Shanti, Ahimsa – and the avant-garde one – Obstinacy, Bows – a natural abode for the two artists, one in which they mostly developed their experiences."

Two terrific musicians who speak the jazz language with their bow instruments, in a way that probably one never heard.




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CD title ‘Bows'
Cat No. SLAMCD 524

Stefano Pastor violin, flugelhorn, percussion
Kash Killion cello, sarangi

1. Obstinacy (K. Killion S. Pastor) 7.53
2. Shanti (K. Killion S. Pastor) 9.49
3. Bows (K. Killion S. Pastor) 5.52
4. Epistrophy (T. Monk) 7.00
5. Ahimsa (K. Killion S. Pastor) 14.47
6. Ruby My Dear (T. Monk) 6.46

Recorded by Stefano Pastor in Genoa, Italy on November 23, 2007
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Pastor

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