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Mezei Szilárd was born in Senta, Vojvodina, at that time a Region of Yugoslavia and now in Serbia, as a member of the Hungarian minority in that multiethnic region. His music strongly reflects the contemporary culture of his homeland; in Mezei’s case the Hungarian fire is quite dominant. Mezei is a master of the art of combining composed and improvised musics, leading on viola his ensembles of various sizes. His Octet here presents 5 of his compositions recorded in Budapest, music depicting the real vitality of modern European jazz.

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SLAMCD 521 CD Title Tőnk/Stump Szilárd Mezei Octet Gergely Ittzés – flute, alto flute, piccolo, bass flute Bogdan Ranković – alto and tenor saxes, bass clarinet Bravislav Aksin – trombone Szilárd Mezei – viola Albert Márkos – violincello Milan Aleksic – piano Ervin Malina – double bass István Csík – percussion All compositions by Szilárd Mezei.
Recorded 3 October 2007, Music Academy ‘Liszt Ferenc’, Budapest, Hungary by Sabolcs Sűveges-Győrfree.
1Űlő bika/ Sitting bull 8:21
2 Női box / Female boxing 21:01  
3 Hep 5 7:34 
4 Tőnk - Hó/Stump – Snow 13:06
5 Bot 21:33

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