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‘A world somewhere between Atlantis and Greenwich Village1

This music draws on an ancient tradition: it owes as much to Aeschylus as it does to late-John Coltrane and Albert Ayler. The expressionism of the music - fragmented rhythms, atonality, deeply-felt melodic beauty - is there to intensify the unity of the drama. The pieces are like disconnected scenes: dialogue, recitative, chorus, aria. And the story is perhaps Mazeppa.

This is music played by people who want to be somewhere else and are doing something about it.2

1 Other Music, Sheffield

2 Robert Sandall, Radio 3

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CD title DOMINO   

Artist Greg Morgan

Barcode: 50 28386 02812 3



1 The Nile Runners (Greg Morgan) 7.01

2 Frogs for Snakes (Greg Morgan) 6.49

3 Domino (Greg Morgan) 9.10

4 Morning Land (Greg Morgan) 11.307 

5 Among the Wheels (Greg Morgan) 2.02

6 North Star (Greg Morgan) 7.24

All compositions by Greg Morgan.  The musicians are: Greg Morgan (saxophones), Dan Haywood (guitar), Pete French (organ), Chas Ambler (drums, percussion), Jeff Barnes (drums), Recorded West Orange Studio, Preston, June 2009. Engineer Alan Gregson.

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