The BIG Sax CD
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A new compilation of contemporary baritone saxophonists from around the world.

Carlo Actis Dato, Italy, Charles Evans, USA, George Haslam, UK, Mikko Innanen, Finland, Sergey Letov, Russia and Javier Zalba, Cuba. 18 original tracks of amazingly different artistic approaches to creation on the big sax.

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Title – "The BIG sax CD."

Artist: Compilation

Carlo Actis Dato

Track 1 Anatra 2:56

Track 2 Tasso 5:11

Track 3 Fenice 1:25

Track 4 Due Bisonti 1:23

Track 5 Talpa 2:30

All five solo tracks composed in improvisation by Carlo and recorded by him at his home base in Mazzè, Italy, 1 September 2008.

Charles Evans

Track 6 What 2:00

with Peter Evans trumpet, Moppa Elliott bass and Jan Roth drums.

Track 7 On Tone Yet Part I (Mover's Mood for Annie) 4:40

with Neil Shah, piano

Track 8 On Tone Yet Part II 3:38

Track 9 Micropterus Salmoides 2:35

All 4 tracks composed by Charles. Track 6 was recorded in Astoria, New York USA, 6 May 2005 by Brian "Hoppel" Woestehoff. Track 7 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2 July 2007 by Neil Shah. Tracks 8 and 9 also in Astoria, New York, USA, by Charles Evans on 3 June 2007 and 4 August 2008 respectively. Track 6 is from his CD "No Relation" Greatbend Records GBCD02. Track 8 is from his CD "King of all Instruments" Hot Cup Records HotCup 084.

George Haslam

Track 10 Viejo Lobo 3:41 Solo

Track 11 El Puntanito 11:09 with Roi Maciaz piano

Track 12 Thinking Allowed 4:19 with Stefano Pastor violin.

Track 10 was composed by George and recorded at Estudio Puntano, San Luis, Argentina, 25 October 2008 by Roi Maciaz. Track 11 comes from the same session, composed by Haslam and Maciaz. Track 12 composed by Haslam and Pastor, recorded by Stefano at Villa Parodi, Genoa, Italy, 31 July 2008.

Mikko Innanen
Track 13 Adler 3:28
Track 14 Phönix 2:18
Track 15 Merkur 5:52
Track 13 composed by Mikko Innanen, 14 and 15 by Mikko Innanen & Mika Kallio.
Three originals from a session by Mikko Innanen and drummer Mika Kallio, 
recorded in January 2008 at Musapaja, Kuusankoski, Finland by Esa Kotilainen.
Sergey Letov 
Track 16 Semipalatinsk 6:31 with Yury Parfenov - trumpet
Track 17 LeBorRa 8.32 with Alexei Borisov - electronics, mixing, Rada Anchevskaya – vocal 
Track 16 recorded live at Ilkhom Theatre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 19 May 2006 by Sergey Letov. 
Track 17 at "Park Pobedy" Studio, Moscow, Russia, 4 January 2007 by Vladimir Anchevsky.
Javier Zalba
Track 18 Como Fué 2:09
Zalba’s unaccompanied solo on Ernesto Duarte’s Cuban standard
recorded 11 February 2009 in Estudio Lucero, Havana by Lucia Huergo
and Niurka Sánchez.

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