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Four musicians from various musical genres focusing on the compositional structure of improvisation. This is the group’s second CD on SLAM, following "NOW PROCESSING" SLAMCD 271.

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CD title Compressed DATA SLAMCD 276

Artists: D.A.T.A.

Bar code: 50 28386 02762 1

Dave Hayley drums; Alan Eason guitar; Tris Harris Piano, Rhodes, Tenor sax; Andy McFarlane violin.


1 Fat Content 8:12

2 When Katie Came to Visit 12:03

3 Funk Bath 8:13

4 Savoy Hero 2:49

5 We’ve Changed 7:29

6 Bespoke 18:26

All compositions by Hayley/Eason/Harris/McFarlane.

Recorded June 16th 2007 engineer Peter Riley in Horncastle Lane ,Lee Green, London SE12.

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