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Recorded in Havana and England with great array of Cuban and British musicians:Bobby Carcasses, George Haslam, Steve Waterman, Robin Jones, Paul Rutherford, Maria Cecilia Colon, Richard Leigh Harris, Steve Kershaw, André Leigh-Howarth, Julito Padron, Yasek Manzano, Roberto Martinez, Roberto Carcassés Jnr. Jorge Reyes, Alejandro Aparicio, Pancho Terry, Oliver Valdés, Lucia Huergo, Josef Koumbas.

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CD Title: "CUBAN MELTDOWN" Catalogue: SLAMCD 515

George Haslam's "Cuban Meltdown" with Bobby Carcassés. Tracks 1 Villancico's Blues Bobby Carcassés 6:28 2 Son de la Loma Miguel Matamoros 1:33 3 A Perfect Love George Haslam 9:49 4 Oye mi Guaguancó Evaristo Aparicio 5:51 5 Havanabingdon Bobby Carcassés 7:15 6 De mi Tierra Son Isidoro Nunez 4:43 7 Here comes the King Roberto Carcassés Jnr. 10.57 8 Sin Tema Bobby Carcassés 4:54 9 Blues for Benny More Bobby Carcassés 5:16

Tracks 1 - 5 recorded Abingdon Music Centre 30 August 2004 by Eric Smith. Bobby Carcassés voice, flugelhorn, percussion. Maria Cecilia Colon voice. George Haslam baritone sax. Paul Rutherford trombone. Steve Waterman trumpet. Robin Jones congas, bongos, guiro, campana, timbales. Richard Leigh Harris piano. Steve Kershaw bass. André Leigh-Howarth claves.

Tracks 6 & 7 recorded live Teatro Amadeo Roldan Havana 2 July 2001 by Alain Castro. Bobby Carcassés voice, flugelhorn, percussion. Julito Padron, Yasek Manzano trumpets. Roberto Martinez alto sax. Roberto Carcassés Jnr. Piano. Jorge Reyes bass. Alejandro Aparicio congas. Pancho Terry chequeré. Oliver Valdés drums.

Tracks 8 & 9 recorded Estudios Lucero Record, Havana 13 February 2007 by Lucia Huergo and Niurka Sanchez. Bobby Carcassés voice, flugelhorn, piano. George Haslam baritone sax. Lucia Huergo soprano sax. Josef Koumbas voice.

Mastered and mixed by Eric Smith, Monstersound Studios, Oxford.

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