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STEFANO PASTOR QUARTET ~ Stefano Pastor; violin, percussion, vocals, Stefano Calcagno trombone, Piero Leveratto double bass, Maurizio Borgia drums.

On "Transmutations", Pastor's second CD, the ten tracks take material from diverse sources – Mozart to Ornette Coleman, pop to Coltrane, Jobim, show music and of course the blues – "transmuted" into excellent jazz vehicles.

Recorded at the Mascherona Studio In Genova, Italy, October 24 – 25, 2005.

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Stefano Pastor


1 Bird Food (O.Coleman) 5:46

2 Seul B. (S. Pastor) 6:22

3 Nel Blu Dipinto di Blues (S. Pastor) 5:31

4 Don Juan (S. Pastor) 8:14

5 Quarenta (S. Pastor) 5.18

6 Crescent (J. Coltrane) 9:34

7 Dimorfismo (S. Pastor) 6:17

8 I Fall in Love Too Easily (J. Styne – S. Cahn) 6:35

9 Vucciria (S. Pastor) 6:05

10 Esquecendo Voce (A.C. Jobim) 2:33


Stefano Pastor violin, percussions (5), vocals (10)


Stefano Calcagno trombone

Piero Leveratto double-bass


Maurizio Borgia Drums

Arranged by Stefano Pastor

Recorded by Stefano Pastor at the Mascherona Studio In Genova on October 24 – 25, 2005.

Mixing and Mastering by Stefano Pastor.

Photos and design by Federico Brondi Zunino

Produced by Stefano Pastor and George Haslam

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