Penas Argentinas
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Penas Argentinas is Jorge Szajko’s second CD released on SLAM (following ‘Orquestra Salvaje’, SLAMCD 246). His first CD attracted some of the best critiques of any SLAM release "I'm sorry, Jorge, but I cannot afford a genius grant for you. I would if I could, but at least I can let the world know what I think of this astonishing disc" Fred Barrett, Beyond Coltrane. "Szajko clearly has a unique musical vision that stretches beyond words" Francois Couture All Music Guide. Jazz Views voted it in the top ten ‘non British’ CDs of 2002.

The title of this second CD is loosely interpreted as "Argentine Blues" and some of the music (the Milonga and the Zamba) reflect the problems of the country’s problems during the past 3 years – but life goes on with the irrepressible Chacarera and Carnavalito.

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By Jorge Daniel Szajko and Orquesta Salvaje


1 No es la misma mlionga 8. 26

2 Chacarita 4. 44

3 El cuchillo 9. 18

4 60 anos 3. 02

5 Canoas 3. 50

6 Zamba de Borges 5. 37

7 Penas Argentinas 11. 27

8 La Canada 4.50

9 El pianazo 1.31

All compositions by J. D. Szajko


Jorge Daniel Szajko: Strings Orchestra, Piano, Spanish Guitar, Tenor &
Soprano Saxes, Oboe, Moxeño
Bernardo Baraj: Tenor & Soprano Saxes, flute
Ariel Passadore: Bass
Patricio Cavanagh: Drums
Pablo Rodriguez: Percussion
Laura Loiacono: Alto & Soprano Saxes
Enrique Bonetto: Baritone Sax
George Haslam: Baritone Sax
Daniel Harari: Tenor Sax

Recorded June 2003, Solar Estudio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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