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Aleksandr Dovzhenko's classic silent film of life and death in a Ukrainian village amid the struggles of collectivisation is considered a poetic masterpiece of Soviet cinema. Its convenient ideology is overtaken by the epic landscapes and beautifully observed portrayals of family, community and human emotions.

Jan Kopinski's new CD captures the music of his specially commissioned live soundtrack to this remarkable film, intensifying the imagery with an intriguing mix of sadness and hope. At times, gently paced and lingering, the music is intense but always hopeful.




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SLAMCD 255 ‘EARTH’ Jan Kopinski

1) Tower 7.29
2) Colt 4.01
3) Tractor Go 8.42
4) Dream Road 4.31
5) Return And Turn 6.08
6) Field Line 3.23
7) Holy Man 3.03
8) Falling Bells 5.04
9) Glass Eyes 3.06
10) Song For A New Life 6.17
11) Land Sleep 4.04
12) Song For Oleksandr 4.39
13) Black Earth 5.59

Jan Kopinski - tenor, alto %26amp; soprano saxophones

Steve Iliffe - grand piano.

Janina Kopinska - viola

Stefan Kopinski - bass

All compositions by Jan Kopinski except track 12 (Kopinski %26amp; Iliffe)

Recorded at Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham, England, 9th, 10th and 18th September 2002,

Recorded, mixed %26amp; produced by Jan Kopinski

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