Women with Voices
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'creativity is high throughout this collection, a sure bet for anyone looking to pick up a wide-ranging survey of the female voice' Carl Baugher Cadence.

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1 Iím glad there is you 4m 47s Shirley Kent vcl; Malcolm Gibbons gtr; Jeff Pearson bs; Hal Shaw pno. Recorded at Zella Studio Birmingham, England 23 June 1975

2 Infant eyes 5 16 Mandy Fox vcl; Meredith White pno; Mark Fenby bs; Mike Pickering dms; Andor Jensen sop sax. Recorded at Backtrack Studio Croydon, England 21 April 1993.

3 Missing 5 12 As for track 2.

4 Play with light and shade 6 48 Vanessa Mackness vcl; Barry Guy bs. Recorded at 33 Arts Luton, England. 14 Nov 1990

5 Isadora and Kryia 3 50 Alquimia vcl. Recorded at 27 Studio Mexico City, Mexico. March/April 1991.

6 January thaw 3 47 Liz Hodgson vcl; George Haslam bari sax. Recorded at The Holywell Music Room, Oxford, England. 31 Jan 1992.

7 Alot to answer for 4 32 Marion Hammon vcl; Ian Smith tpt; Rick Bolton gtr; Simon Thorpe bs; John Stevens dms. recorded at Woodwarf Studios, London, England 3 Sept 1992.

8 Mele Honua 7 49 Viv Dogan-Corrington vcl; Mike Cooper gtr, electronics. Recorded at the Steamrooms, London, England. March 1993

9 A Bit of a risk 3 09 Alison Bentley vcl; Liam Noble pno; Dave Jones bs; Hamish Birchall dms. Recorded at Premises Studio, London, England. 19 Sept. 1993.

10 Maybe As for track 9. 3 59

11 Foxesí revenge Polly Bolton vcl; Paul Dunmall Northumberland pipes. Recorded at Lanes End Studio, Kidderminster, England. 3 April 1993.

12 Cradle song 3 50 Julie Tippetts, Maggie Nichols vcls; Sue Ferrar, Sylvia Hallett vlns. recorded at The Air Gallery, London, England. 4 March 1989.

13 If I donít love you 4 20 Dorothy Shaw vcls, pno. Recorded at Timís Place, Oxford, England. 14 May 1993.

14 Mm-chu-agh 4 12 Ox Vox - Bentley, Fox, Hodgson vcls; Haslam bari sax, grunts. Recorded at Timís Place, Oxford, England. 18 May 1993.

15 Pig war 4 25 Linda Lee Welch treated voice, talking dress; John Jasnoch gtr. Recorded at The Owl & Thistle, Seattle, USA, 3 Dec 1992.

16 Everything 3 54 Alquimia vcl. Recorded at Journey Studio, London, England. March 1993.

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