Pendle Hawk Carapace
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George Haslam, Paul Hession. A selection of free duo improvisations - Hession on percussion and Haslam on baritone sax and/or tarogato, recorded in the natural beauty of the Pennines, February 2002

This summit between saxophonist George Haslam and drummer Paul Hession is long over-due. Cadence, March 2003

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George Haslam bari sax. tarogato, Paul Hession percussion.

Recorded at Pendle Hawk Studio, Colne, England, 12 and 13 February, 2002.

SLAMCD 315 Bar code 5028386 031529


1. Corbels 6m 33s

2. Purlin 9 03

3. Blockings at Apex 11 10

4. Scantlings 8 35

5. Noggings 9 14

6. Jack Rafters 12 53

7. Eaves End 4 29

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