Parker - Haslam - Edwards
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Evan Parker sop sax, George Haslam bari sax & tarogato and John Edwards double bass - a complete unedited live concert of improvised music given in the Holywell Music Room, Oxford on 3 September, 2000. Recorded and mastered by Tim Turan. Seventy three minutes of Solos, Duo and Trio improvisations by some of the best exponents of the art

This is free music at its most cohesive and coherent best. PAUL DONELLY

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PARKER/HASLAM/EDWARDS Evan Parker sop sax, George Haslam bari sax, tarogato, John Edwards double bass. Recorded live at The Holywell Music Room, Oxford, England. 3 September 2000. SLAMCD 314 Bar code 05028386 031420

TRACKS 1. Solo For Baritone Saxophone 9m 41s 2. Solo For Tarogato 5 18 3. Solo For Soprano Saxophone 15 01 4. Solo For Double Bass 10 33 5. Duet For Saxophone And Bass 18 18 6. Trio For Two Saxophones And Bass 14 10

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