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A masterful piece of improvised music. They tackle Goodbye Pork Pie Hat with a certain amount of reverence for both the composer and dedicatee and it is pleasing to hear the baritone lingering over the poignant melody and reminding us that no matter many times we’ve heard it we can still be moved by it. This short track, 5 minutes long, restrained and elegiac, is as near perfect a reading as any I’ve come across. Robert Spencer 'Cadence' September 2001

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George Haslam baritone sax. clarinet, tarogato Richard Leigh Harris piano, windchimes.

Recorded in Ferry Road, Oxford, England. Tracks 1-4 on 22 November 1998; tracks 5-7 December 1999 SLAMCD 312 Bar code 5 028386 031222


1 This one for you, St Cecilia 8m 04

2 Woongarra 12 10

3 Tredavoe Blue 10 33

4 Moliant 10 04

5 Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat 5 00

6 Solstice Dance/Hymn 19 46

7 Inside Job 8 16

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