Argentine Adventures Part 3
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Travels with my Tarogato' George Haslam. Haslam back in Buenos Aires (Dec.1998) with some old pals - Mono Hurtado, Ruben Ferrero etc. plus new talent such as Marcelo Jeremias and Fabian Tejada, another voice to be heard is the Argentine soprano saxist Pablo Ledesma. For this third volume Haslam leaves his baritone sax and concentrates on his second instrument, the Hungarian tarogato - a sort of wooden soprano sax. The CD comprises 3 tracks in duo with Hurtado, a beautiful trio with Jeremias keyboards and Tejada on Udu drums, a duo with percussionist Monito Viera and an extended quintet improvisation with Ledesma, Ferrero, Hurtado and drummer Luis de la Torre. George Haslam bari sx, tgto.

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"Argentine Adventures Part 3 - Travels with my Tarogato"

GEORGE HASLAM. All venues in Buenos Aires, Argentina. SLAMCD 311 Bar Code 5 028386 031123


1 Triptigo 13m 39s Haslam tgto, Mono Hurtado double bass. Recorded in Plaza Studio 18 Dec. 1998.

2 Questions questions 6 53 As for track 1

3 The Jeremiah trio 7 58 Haslam tgto; Marcelo Jeremiahs pno, k/b; Fabian Tejada udu dms. Recorded in TNT Studio, 8 Dec 1998.

4 Sensations 4 45 Haslam tgto; Monito Viera pcn. Recorded in Fidelius Studio, 17 Dec1998.

5 Five go free in Buenos Aires 24 49 Pablo Ledesma sop sax; Haslam tgto; Ruben Ferrero pno; Hurtado bs; Luis de la Torre dms. Recorded in Fidelius Studio, 5 Dec 1998.

6 Relaxing with Rebecca 11 21 As for track 1, 3 Dec 1998.

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