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".. one of the jazz world's most immediately recognisable and unfussily virtuosic pianists.. This album utilises all the musical vocabulary Riley has acquired over the past quarter-century ­ his trademark walking baselines under ringing, wonderfully cluttered right-hand improvisations; his delightful visits to "disguised" standards (here "Lover Man"); his tumbling runs interspersed with clanging percussiveness ­ to produce music of rare power and strange, pungent beauty. A genuine original at the peak of his powers." Chris Parker, BBC Music Magazine.

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Howard Riley, solo piano.

Recorded at Goldsmiths College, London, 9 April 2000. SLAMCD 244 Bar Code 5 028386 024422


1. Air Play 3m 07s

2. Where you can be 5 29

3. Circular3 08

4. Bass Reflex2 35

5. Double Zero (Take One) 5 26

6. Similitudes (a) Statement (b) Variations (c) Summary 13 31

7. Double Zero (Take Two) 4 44

8. Finishers Loft (Take One) 2 33

9. Finishers Loft (Take Two)2 47

10. Prophets5 38

11. Splatter 4 00

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