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Lucia Ianniello

Lucia Ianniello C trumpet and objects; Diana Torti voice; Andrea Polinelli soprano and alto saxophones and flute; Paolo Tombolesi keyboards; Cristina Patrizi electric bass.


"LIVE AT ACUTO JAZZ" is Lucia Ianniello’s second CD as a bandleader, produced on SLAM, a year and a half after her first one.

This album is meant to close the circle of the music research around the figure of Horace Tapscott and the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (P.A.P.A.) which the trumpeter started tracing with her first CD "MAINTENANT" (SLAMCD 566). The new album is a live record made during the Acuto Jazz Festival (Fr), Italy, which took place in a fascinating setting of the Saint Sebastian’s Church, built in 12th century and richly frescoed in 16th century. It is a tribute to the founders and main protagonists of that lively artistic movement of the African-American community in Los Angeles, which developed in the last forty years of the 20th century.

On this CD, in addition to her original compositions, there are songs from the P.A.P.A.’s repertoire, especially those of Horace Tapscott and Jesse Sharps, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq and Michael Session who Tapscott used to delegate to conduct the Arkestra in the ‘70s. There is also a song of pianist and singer, Linda Hill, one of the founders and a very active member of the movement of which the Arkestra was the musical and collective expression.

The quintet gives an original interpretation of this repertoire. The arrangements are drumless while the voice (except for two songs with a text), is instrumental. There is a lot of space for collective improvisation and the research of music expression goes towards the timbre and melody, away from mere virtuosity.

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Lucia Ianniello

LIVE AT ACUTO JAZZ      SLAMCD 585  Barcode  5028386702627


Lucia Ianniello   C trumpet

Diana Torti   voice

Andrea Polinelli   soprano and alto sax, flute

Paolo Tombolesi   keyboards

Cristina Patrizi   electric bass


Track details:

  1. Our Summer   3:03   (Lucia Ianniello)

  2. Peyote Song No. III   8:44   (Jesse Sharps)

  3. Other   5:21   (Lucia Ianniello)

  4. Little Africa   7:07   (Linda Hill, Horace Tapscott)

  5. Desert Fairy Princess   12:12   (Jesse Sharps)

  6. Quagmire Manor At Five a.m.   7:54   (Michael Session)

  7. Ballad for Samuel   6:50   (Horace Tapscott)

  8. Maintenant   8:50   (Lucia Ianniello)

  9. Eternal Egypt Suite, part 4 (of four parts)   8:36   (Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq)



    Recorded in the Church of St. Sebastian, Acuto (FR) Italy

    August 10, 2016

    Recording, mixing and mastering by Cecafumo





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