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MAINTENANT SLAMCD 566  Barcode:   5028386633327 Lucia Ianniello  Quartet Lucia Ianniello  Bb and C trumpet, flugelhorn, effects and objects; Diana Torti  voice; Giuseppe La Spina  guitars; Paolo Tombolesi  keyboards, acoustic bass and percussion.
 "Maintenant" is Lucia Ianniello’s first CD as leader: although a jazz trumpeter by training, she is very open to experimentation in other musical areas, including the creation of multidisciplinary projects. This album is a work of auditory images, atmospheres and soundscapes, some visionary, with particular exploration of melody and timbre. Extended passages of collective improvisation are conceived as contrapuntal layering of sounds.
The quartet offers a ‘sound chamber’ obtained, despite a significant presence of electronic instruments and effects, through the trumpeter’s arrangements, characterized by the absence of drums and the use of the instrumental voice without text. However, the underlying philosophy of this work is expressed, beyond the stylistic and formal aspects, in an effort to focus on the urgency of expression and the human relationship between the musicians, away from any form of complacency.

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Maintenant   SLAMCD 566  5028386633327
Lucia Ianniello Quartet
Lucia Ianniello  Bb and C trumpet, flugelhorn, effects and objects Diana Torti  voice Giuseppe La Spina  guitars Paolo Tombolesi  keyboards, acoustic bass and percussions
Track details: 1. Maintenant  11:16  (Lucia Ianniello)   2. Ballad for Samuel  4:13  (Horace Tapscott)   3. Our Summer  1:31  (Lucia Ianniello)   4. Desert Fairy Princess  11:51  (Jesse Sharps)   5. Other  3:21  (Lucia Ianniello) 6. Peyote Song No. III  13:25  (Jesse Sharps) 7. Sicily  5:23  (Giuseppe La Spina)   8. Préliminaires Amoureux  6:15  (Lucia Ianniello)  
Recording details: Recorded in Rome (Italy) From July 2014 to March 2015 Recording and mastering by Cecafumo

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