Tracce di Canti Traces of Chants
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Triologos Paolo Cerboni Bajardi; tenor and soprano saxophones Bruno Cerboni Bajardi; percussion Mirco Ballabene; double bass

A collection of eight ethnic-based compositions from seven different countries by a trio of conventional form – sax, bass, drums, but with a very distinctive approach to their music. Each member has a positive role in the music creation, resulting in a style of performance that grabs the listener's interest on different layers. The inventiveness of the percussion and bass complementing and enveloping the saxophone lines. This collection, recorded August 2014, is the outcome of years of work by the trio towards a fresh style of world music in jazz.

Intorno al logos Triologos nasce nel 2008. Il nome segue la suggestione di una parola antica, logos, che richiama un racconto. La ricerca di una lingua comune parte necessariamente da un frammento melodico e dal suo respiro ritmico che ci suggerisce una direzione. Il senso del nostro dialogo sta proprio nella fragilità della premessa, una traccia leggera che prende corpo e si addensa sullo sfondo di uno dei tanti paesaggi possibili…

About logos Triologos was founded in 2008. The name follows the suggestion of an ancient word, logos, which reminds us of a story. The research of a common language necessarily starts with a melodic fragment and its rhythmic breathing that suggests to us a direction. The sense of our dialogue lies in the frailty of the premise, a light trace that takes shape and thickens in the background of one of the many possible landscapes ...

…."Thus, because jazz finds its very life in an endless improvisation upon traditional materials, the jazzman must lose his identity even as he finds it"…. (R. Ellison, Shadow and Act 1964)

Paolo Cerboni Bajardi – saxophones Paolo studies saxophone with Claudio Fasoli and takes part at the "Laboratorio permanente di ricerca musicale" of the piano player Stefano Battaglia in Siena. He had also composes music for the cinema and theatre. Mirco Ballabene – doublebass Mirco plays with different improvisations and jazz ensembles. In 2011 he recorded the album "Vìreo" for the label Aktivraum, with Fabio Mina on flutes and Danilo Rinaldi on drums, and featuring Markus Stockhausen. Bruno Cerboni Bajardi – percussions Bruno plays drums in a percussionist way, influenced by Andrea Centazzo and the 60's and 70's American avant-garde. He works also for the theatre.


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CD Title: Tracce di Canti – Traces of Chants

Leader or group name: Triologos

Names of musicians and the instruments they play: Paolo Cerboni Bajardi; tenor and soprano saxophones Bruno Cerboni Bajardi; percussions Mirco Ballabene; double bass

Track details:

1 Sanson ki mala 07.24 (Khan Saheb) 2 Amor mi fa cantar 06.58 (ancient song) 3 Punay 09.56 Atahualpa Yupanqui 4 Ley ley 05.18 (folk song) 5 Kothbiro 06.54 (M. Achieng) 6 Canzone in stile popolare 09.48 (folk song) 7 Kojo no tzuki 06.52 (Rentaro Taki) 8 Ninna nanna 02.57 (folk song)

Recording details: Date and place of recording: Urbino (Italy) 8, 9, 10 August 2014

Name of sound engineer(s) for recording and mastering Massimo Bonomo Studio Carte Postale

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