Beginner's State Of Mind
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Paolo Porta Trio


Paolo Porta : tenor sax

Alessandro Maiorino:   bass

Alessandro Minetto:  drums


The Paolo Porta Trio has worked together for over 20 years and now, we are very pleased to present their music on their first CD for SLAM. When musicians have opportunity to work together over longer periods the group perception and commonality of ideas is evident in the music; the ‘PP3’ is no exception.

The trio represents something different among the modern jazz Italian community. These three authentic musicians with a past studded with important collaborations show strong foundations in the jazz idiom and a deep knowledge of the tradition of this essential format, while living in the present and leaping over the boundaries of genres. Instead of the soloist-backed-by-the-rhythm-section type of hierarchy, everyone play an equal role and each one's individual ideas are mutually elaborated to convey a coherent sound. Paolo Porta 3 music flows in a dynamic synthesis of rhythms, lines and textures, in an intense, outright, impressive balance of composition and improvisation.

"Beginner’s State of Mind" (SLAMCD 561), the trio’s first release on SLAM, fits well in SLAM’s policy of preserving important developments in contemporary jazz.


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CD Title: "Beginner's State Of Mind"

Catalogue number  SLAMCD 561


Paolo Porta Trio


Names of musicians and the instruments they play:


Paolo Porta : tenor sax

Alessandro Maiorino:   bass

Alessandro Minetto:  drums



Track details:


01. Freedom Of Speech ( Paolo Porta )                                                          05:21  

02. Beginner's State Of Mind ( Paolo Porta, arr.Alessandro Minetto )          04:14  

03. Blue Room ( Paolo Porta )                                                                        05:35  

04. Isabella ( Paolo Porta )                                                                              06:34

05. Round Trip ( Paolo Porta )                                                                        05:19  

06. Peace Keeping ( Paolo Porta )                                                                  06:17  

07. Soulful Drums ( Paolo Porta )                                                                   04:39

08. That'll Do ( Randy Newman )                                                                  02:36  

09. November ( Paolo Porta )                                                                         05:52

10. Raincoat Blues ( Paolo Porta )                                                                 05:56


                                                                                                      total time: 52:26                                             

Recording details:


recorded on june 22-23, 2013 at Only Music Studio, Bruino, Italy

recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Miori


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