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Slam Productions is proud to present the poetry music work of this Anglo- Italian quartet: the very talented Italian poet Erika Dagnino with her ‘beautiful, strong and clear voice' (as Peter Brötzmann, among others, said), the Italian violinist Stefano Pastor, winner at Top Jazz 2010 and 2011, the English musicians George Haslam and Steve Waterman, two of the top British jazz players both at home and on the international scene.

Narcéte represents the natural connection between poetry and music, two very close arts that express themselves with sound, rhythm and consonance. A work in which expression and speaking about expression cross each other: the art, in its making, declaredly talks about itself.

A work in which, as the critic and journalist Gennaro Fucile says in the liner notes: ‘None of the two elements here finds itself subjected to the other, and this is the key to this work, a happy junction of different voices where instrumental improvisations and words stand respectful of each other', where ‘Each of the four artists contributed evenly to the final outcome; in a careful succession of sounds, words and silence.'.

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Track details:

Running order

Track details

Chant I 5.31

Chant II 3.45

Chant III 6.03

Chant IV 4.19

Chant V 5.04

Chant VI 7.02

Chant VII 4.55

Chant VIII 5.23

Chant IX 4.10

Chant X 3.20

Composers Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, George Haslam, Steve Waterman

Recording details:

Date and place of recording. 25th July 2011, Campo Ligure, Italy

Name of sound engineer(s) for recording and mastering. Stefano Pastor

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