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Blaise Siwula alto & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, clarinet.
Giancarlo Mazz´┐½ guitar, drums.
Luciano Troja piano.

"d'istante3" is a creative music project bringing together the two Italian improvisers Giancarlo Mazz´┐½ and Luciano Troja, and the New York based saxophonist Blaise Siwula.

Giancarlo and Luciano have worked together on the European jazz scene since 2002. Their music is mainly based on the search for new forms and expressions, related to tradition with a solid jazz background, mixed with folk music, classical forms and free improvisation.

Blaise Siwula has established a prominent role in the NYC music scene since his arrival there in 1989

Collaboration between the three musicians began in 2009, with their first performance together in NYCat ABC No-Rio, where Siwula is the curator of C.O.M.A. Series. In 2011 "d'istante3" performed in several venues around NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem); in April that year, in the Wombat Studio in Brooklyn, the trio decided to record their special synergy in the spontaneous session presented on this, their first CD.

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01. Istante 1 11:38
02. Istante 2 9,20
03. Istante 3 4,04
04. Istante 4 9:25
05. Istante 5 7:03
06. Istante 6 11:52
07. Istante 7 8:37

All compositions by Giancarlo Mazz´┐½, Blaise Siwula and Luciano Troja.

Recorded on April 25, 2011 at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Sound engineer: Russ Bonadonna.
Mixed and mastered by Blaise Siwula.

Produced by Giancarlo Mazzu', Blaise Siwula and Luciano Troja.

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