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Sebastiano Meloni says: "Our music is almost completely improvised, apart froma few themes.We try to uncover what music can express in itself, as well as the emotions we could convey with atonal free improvisations. We often decide which forms, sounds, timbres, or registers we are going to explore ahead of time. Our purpose is to make atonal improvisation a compositional language, which means strict rules and attention to form." Sebastiano Meloni has recorded a CD, "Improvised Pieces for Trio", with Tony Oxley drums and Adriano Orrù double bass. Roberto Dani recorded more than 60 CDs; he has played, among others, with Annette Peacock, Louis Sclavis, Kenny Wheeler and Dave Liebman.

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CD title: Dialogues

Musicians and instruments: Sebastiano Meloni piano, Nicola Cossu double bass, Roberto Dani drums.

Track titles, lengths and composers: 1.. Shadows (Meloni) 5'40

2.. A Quiet Place (Meloni) 4'41

3.. Children (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 2'49

4.. Waking up (Meloni) 5'17

5.. Snowfall (Meloni) 5'56

6.. Visions (Meloni-Dani) 3'45

7.. In the Night (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 7'04

8.. A New Theme (Meloni) 2'56

9.. Dialogues (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 6'57

10.. Another Quiet Place (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 5'10

11.. Three Ways (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 1'55

12..Sleeplessness (Meloni-Cossu-Dani) 4'39

Recorded by Alessandro Olla in Auditorium of Conservatory, Cagliari (Italy), March 31, 2009

Mixed by Achim Kaiser at Sonic-Sound-Studio, Viersen (Germany)

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